by Mitar

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follow the animals into the wilderness and they'll show you where the history remains beneath the soil, under the ground it's been 100 years since they've seen the light of day but where and why do these relics lie? haunted by the train's horn what if I, don't find nothing at all? retracing my steps back home barber quarters, v nickels, indian head and large cent pennies senses are spinning from the repeated beep... ... ...
Remembering 01:57
I was counting the sand, she was counting the waves and the night was young when we both lost track of the days slippery boulders on the edge of the jetty who said freedom isn't free man I know they weren't talking to, us and the ocean air is a, must if life's a big waste of time then this week we shall resign never forget, when we were one, we had won remembering, we were so young and we were so dumb but we had so much fun
Wake 01:43
wake, rise form the deep, you've arrived in the dawn's sober light shake, shake it up, like 700's cup not a thing can prepare you for the ride all you can do is embrace the water when you dive, from the high-dive this moment of existence, already happened
Big Bang 02:17
there is nothing significant, light-years anywhere, except one rock, chosen is it any wonder, mystery remains, such things as magic, spoken but what caused, the cause, that caused, big bang
A Wall 01:42
there's a wall, of hotels, blocking off, the ocean, no one's going swimming there's a wall, of angry signs, trying to take mine, the little bit I got but they wont get a single drop there's a wall between you and I, and it just ain't right
I wanna make you into a still life but you're already a statue and every second that passes by is an ever-changing masterpiece and when you close both of your eyes you blend into the bricks it's so stunning it could make you high, with just a half-a-glimpse hold that pose, I'm gonna draw you hold that pose girl, I'm gonna draw you ;]
(y)our song 02:56
I placed, your picture, in a fire the smoke rose, forming your face and then dissipates You threw my book in a brooke the laughing waves, turned the pages and swirled as it sank no one will ever know our song
Fallen Crane 02:12
fly away with the blue jays amazed by the white paint as it dries but you're running out of butane don't you let it smolder out reignite that deep-fried mind put oneself out of place amazed by the white bread as it turns into toast does it help you with pain? or contribute to the symptom I'm guessing the latter burning through the days


released March 5, 2014

Written/Recorded - Mitar
Mixed - Seth Engel and Mitar

Written last year. Recorded last month.
This album was through a learning experience.


all rights reserved



Mitar Chicago, Illinois

heavens yes

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