Dissolve Disappear

by Mitar

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released July 3, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Mitar

Mixed by Mitar and Adam J Salsberg

Mastered by Adam J Salsberg

Thanks for listening. God bless you.



all rights reserved


Mitar Chicago, Illinois

electric church music

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Track Name: A Chance
when are you going to give yourself a chance for chance
Track Name: No Going Back
my mama told me boy, someday you gotta find some balance
my father told me son, out there you gotta wear your thick skin
my sisters just stared in silence i was looking in a mirror

and there's no going back
no there's no going back
there's no going back, to 1990

if it's one thing i learned, is there's no good excuse
if it's one thing i learned, is there's so much to learn
and when i was a child, i lived in a fantasy world

and there's no going back
no there's no going back
there's no going back, to 1990

but there is a future
there is a future
i'll race you all back home
i will always be your son
Track Name: Come Along
nobody could ever know, which way the wind wanna blow
and i'm going to let it carry me

when you knock down a forest you create a desert

come along, each and every one
there's plenty of room

and i'll find you runnin round
on the opposite side of town
and when i reach out
are you gonna turn me down
or will, come along
Track Name: You Don't Have To
you don't have to be miss america
you don't have to drive your dad's expensive lexus
i just want to know, that you know how to love

you don't to wear black makeup
you don't have to spray that pretty smelling perfume
i just want to know, that you know who you are

you don't have to look at my drawing
you don't have to listen to my music
i just want to grow, an arboretum
Track Name: Temporarily
kiss me once more darling, before i get on stage
it makes it okay, temporarily

i won't be too long darling, you know i can't stay
cause the color grey never fully fades

and i stare at the screen, watch a documentary
what's there to see when you can practically see anything
at the click of a button

do you still love
Track Name: Make Due
we can pour beer and shots of crown
cast out our sorrows and let them drown
and laugh about it for hours upon end

and we could pack a fat bowl
let the chemicals take control
but lately i don't' like where they've taken me

but tonight i think i'm 'a gonna to right
this evening i'm taking it easy
you heard right, i'm gonna make due

make due, make new
make due, make you
Track Name: Thrive
your heads' a bouncing ball
completing one full circle is impossible
pressure continues to rise
baby it's bound to burst

up in some bad neighborhood
where your credentials and charm are no good
insist to give it a try
but you won't lay it on the line

way out on the road
past the cornfields and metallic lights
finally alive

if i told you once
man i told you a million times
i need to thrive
Track Name: Apparent
when did it get, so apparent
that life is, yea life it is
now, now
now i'm guilty if i spend the day lounging around

when did i get, so reluctant
to know you, to show you
how, how
how i feel and how i can make you feel

what to do, would you like a blue moon
thats the choice you gotta choose
so choose

and our bodies are brave to stand the test of time
a silver line, a piece of the pie

and God is great from all what he created
a paradise, one ticket per ride, of limited time

dust shadows' forming, along your front door
the scene in a movie, the one you can't afford to ignore
Track Name: Message
i've been holding onto a star
when i opened my arms it flew fast it flew far
straight over the country into your front yard
and when the smoke cleared
the message appeared
what could it say under you

welcome friend
hello how have you been
let's share a conversation in the third dimension
well you let out a sigh
and gazed into the sky
oh and where did it come from
where and why
cause it was always meant for you
it was always meant for you

make peace with aliens
make peace
Track Name: Dissolve Disappear
fell down, tell me how
the view is from the floor
the light seeps out, from the bottom of the door
make your final decision

the sand can't cease to descend in it's hourglass
waiting and wanting won't earn you a paycheck
no one can solve that problem

oh how it shows
when you're not there
dissolve disappear

same old story retold
the truth always becomes known
now you can watch yourself slowly go
like the last pile of snow